"Carlos led a group class for 25 high-energy individuals from the Red Bull Corporate Office, during a conference in Miami, and brought us all into a relaxing & welcoming environment.

We were a mix of beginners and intermediate level, so he worked with our limits but knew when to push harder. He’s a great instructor and easy to work with your needs. I highly recommend Carlos for a corporate event."

Matt King
Strategy Analyst, Florida
Red Bull

“I've been doing private yoga and meditation sessions with Carlos for almost a year. I really value the time we have together. I feel amazingly refreshed afterwards — spiritually and physically.”

Terry Riley

"I was recently in Carlos Pena’s Inversions Workshop and was surprised to see him — he’s an old friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. He’d become a yoga teacher in the years we hadn’t seen each other and I was already teaching yoga for 8 years. He couldn't have picked a better vocation, yoga teacher suits him perfectly as he’s always been a kind and respectful human being.

It was a workshop I needed to take! I had not practiced headstands in a long time and was afraid of them — truth be told. But Carlos has a very unique and calm way of teaching that made me very comfortable. He did not push me, he only instructed that I honor my body and take my time with the process.

His infusion of pranayama, mantras and a sound bowl was very calming and grounding and added a unique touch. I would definitely recommend Carlos’ workshops and classes."

Mary Cerdeiras
Yoga Instructor

“Rest assured you’re not going crazy, his socks don’t match — they never do. All jokes aside, Carlos is an exceptional instructor. He’s patient, perceptive and an inspiration in embracing all the wonder yoga offers both on and off the mat.”

Tania Amador