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1-hr All Levels Sivananda Yoga

Offered live via Zoom so you can practice from the safety of your own home.

Gentle and mind-calming but challenging. This class is excellent for dissolving stress and anxiety, and for those seeking an introspective practice. Most students experience a meditative, spiritual connection during and after the class.

Carlos' gentle approach curates an atmosphere of trust enabling the students to explore the long-sustained poses. Appropriate for beginners, while experienced practitioners will be challenged accordingly.

Visit to register, or your Mindbody app.

You will receive an email notification with the link and brief instructions after you've registered.

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Inversions Workshop

This workshop took place already but as it was a popular offering, other iterations will take place in the future.

Stay tuned.

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One-On-One Sessions

Offered live via Zoom so you can practice from the safety of your own home.

This is an excellent way to explore specific elements of your practice more thoroughly. Personalized attention is focused on the individual's specific needs, whether for Yoga (asanas) or Meditation.

Beginners and intermediate students can both benefit greatly from these sessions.

Feel free to contact me before signing up to asses your needs and for any other questions.


Price is for a 60-min session. Email me for 75 or 90-min sessions as the price will be different.