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Do What You Can

By Carlos Pena

MON NOV 23, 2020

It is not uncommon in Yoga to push ourselves farther than we need to.
Sometimes encouraged by a teacher, sometimes by competition the mind (ego) puts us into as we watch others.
That could lead to unnecessary soreness or worse yet, injuries.
This is no surprise given the athleticism we see today in the yoga world, be it in classes or social media.
Such competition can be harmful psychologically (unrealistic comparison) or physically.
We might, for example, try an impossibly contorted pose that others of different age, level of practice or flexibility can perform easily.
But Yoga shouldn’t be a competition, not even the healthier type, against oneself.
Rather, it should be approached with humility as we accept our own limitations, that for all we know, nobody else in the same class shares.
In fact, Yoga wasn’t even created as a physical exercise to begin with, but as a training for the individual to prepare for meditation.
Attentively, listen to your body if it tells you a pose is too much for you.
Regardless of what others are doing — and with gracious humility — you can choose to simply do what you can.